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09-10 NOV | WorldPensionSummit 2016

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Holland Financial Centre

The Holland Financial Centre foundation is a public-private initiative set up by organisations from throughout the financial sector, the government and regulators. They include banks, insurers, trading firms, pension funds, asset managers, audit firms, law firms and the government. As a joint venture, the purpose of the Holland Financial Centre is to strengthen the Dutch financial sector.

To ensure this and to increase employment, HFC  focuses its attention on a number of priority areas. These are areas in which in the Netherlands has already built up a strong position, and which have considerable potential for global expansion. The Dutch financial industry has a particularly strong reputation in the areas of pension expertise and management (Retirement management), cheap and efficient payment systems (Financial logistics) and as a centre for securities trading (Trading venue). The Netherlands has also developed extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainability and financial services (Climate and sustainability).
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