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09-10 NOV | WorldPensionSummit 2016

The only platform 'for and by' Pension Professionals, exchanging knowledge and innovative ideas on how to secure sufficient pension provision.

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Netspar, Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement, started operations in 2005. It is a network connecting two main groups: pension practice and pension science. Netspar endeavors to bring the pension debate to a high level of sophistication and to create high-quality solutions for present and future challenges with respect to an aging society. Furthermore, Netspar aims to position the Netherlands as a center of knowledge on pensions and social security both in- and outside Europe, both in the academic and the financial world and in policy circles. With this, Netspar wants to safeguard sustainable pension and insurance systems that share risks equitably and efficiently. The strive is to set an example how public and private parties in the service industry can work together with researchers in the social sciences in an efficient and mutually beneficial way to stimulate social innovation. Next to that, Netspar strives to act as an intellectual conscience of the community active in pensions and social security.

Defined-Ambition Plans Reviewed - Netspar March 2014 Paper.pdf
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