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WorldPensionSummit 2014 | Financing Pensions
new roles, new responsibilities

With people living longer, the relative and absolute number of retirees is growing while the contribution to pension funds is declining. A challenge for all pension stakeholders to secure an adequate pension provision. New roles in structuring pensions, securing best practices and balancing risk-return. New responsibilities for the pension services industry, regulators, employers and employees, governments and above all citizens who should be more in control of their personal financial planning. WorldPensionSummit  will address "Financing Pensions" as lead theme at all the essential 'cross roads' in Pensions and we invite you to learn more about our detailed 2014 program. We welcome your input and ideas very much as well as we aim to build the best program possible, for-and-by global pension professionals.

Program topics:
•    Longevity and Changing Demographics across the World
•    The Various Costs of Pensions: Macro and Micro
•    DC vs. DB: Shifting the Risks
•    The Various Pillars of Retirement: Social Security, Company Pensions, Supplementary Pensions, and Private Savings
•    Rethinking Pension Promises: Breaking the Fixed Link to a Monetary Value
•    Intergenerational Risk-Sharing (solidarity)
•    New Asset Classes
•    Monitoring cost of investments (benchmarking)
•    Pension and Housing as an Asset Class
•    The Current Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Retirement Decisions
•    Future Inflation and Pensions
•    Asset Allocation and Governance Issues
•    ESG
•    Public Pension Funds (US issues)

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